Thermo three-way tipping body

Thermo tipping bodies VS-MONT

Many years of experience and the constant technical development of our products bring to you a new innovation from VS-MONT: the S1GT one-sided thermal tipper / the S3T three-sided thermal tipper provided with manufacturer’s certification.

It means absolute energy efficiency and higher thermal insulation ensuring a constant temperature range when transporting asphalt and other mixtures. Special insulation materials in the side walls and floor of optimal thermal insulation bulk materials. Constant temperature is a decisive factor for better application and subsequent life of implemented projects.

Due to its variability, the thermal tipper guarantees even higher efficiency. Sliding tarpaulin can be pushed back using the remote control and the tipper can thus be used to operate building materials. This eliminates annoying standing times. And it saves time and money.

Variant S3T

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