Rear tipper body S1G for 4-axle chassis TATRA Phoenix 8×8

Portfolio of our products is constantly adapted to the needs of our customers. Each tipper body has other specific features that make it exceptional and we can satisfy your needs at the highest level.

Rear tipper body in half-pipe conus design S1G for 4-axle chassis TATRA Phoenix 8×8 is specific by:

  • material used on the tipper body is Hardox HB 450 (high-strength abrasion-resistant steel),
  • sidewalls are fix welded to the front wall,
  • tailgate: PENDEL – is suspended on pins, opened by its own weight while tipping,
  • body tarpaulin to the side,
  • spare wheel on the front wall – mechanical / retractable,
  • loading volume 18 m3.


Thanks to the half-pipe conus design of tipper bodies, the emptying of all types of transported material is significantly facilitated. The tipper body is suitable for transporting loose materials, gravel, sand, clay.

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