Special order for swedish market

Special order for swedish market was created in collaboration between the VS-mont company and his partners.


The VS-mont company is a traditional supplier of tipping bodies for all types of vehicles, which are used all over the world. Most recently our company in cooperation with long-standing swedish customer recieved a special order for rear tipper body in half-pipe conus design S1G with hooklift. It is the first order where was the hooklift from the HYVA company implemented.


Short specification:

Tatra chassis in 8×8 axle configuration is equipped by rear tipper body in half – pipe conus design S1G with loading volume 20 m3, hydraulic double acting tailgate, fix welded sidewalls and HYVA hooklift with hook weight 1 450 mm. The hooklift is designed for truck chassis to fast and efficient transportation of hooklift containers. In this case it was necessary to modify the chassis frame and the original tipper body S1G to mount the hooklift. The vehicle contains a TWS weighing system on a hook lift with printer in the cab of the vehicle. Customers can use it, when they removing the material (construction site, waste, …), so they know how much they have loaded in container.

We thank our customer for the trust.




You can watch short video here:

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