VS-MONT tilt-retractable guard for TATRA chassis

New model line of tilting-sliding barrier from the company VS-MONT s.r.o. for TATRA Phoenix chassis


„Finisher or terrain is not a problem“

1. Without backfilling of the barrier – Patented technical design of the „tilt-sliding barrier“ in combination with the placement „next to the vehicle frame“ in the „terrain“ position, it allows the material to be dumped to be emptied without backfilling the barrier.
2. Finisher – the advantage of this technical solution is that the „tilt-and-slide“ developed by us in the raised position „terrain“ is at such a height from the ground that it allows you to retreat to a special machine for laying Asphalt – Finisher.
3. Off-road use – with this special solution of the „tilt-sliding barrier“ developed by us in combination with the side placement „next to the vehicle frame“ we have also significantly increased the technical capabilities of the vehicle in the field by placing the barrier in the „terrain“ position higher and closer to the vehicle and thus there is no collision of the barrier with the uneven terrain.
4. EHK OSN č. 58.03 – It goes without saying, the solution provided by us is tested and approved all EU regulations of directives according to EHK OSN č. 58.03

We do all best to make your work with TATRA Phoenix vehicles as comfortable as possible.

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