One-sided conus tipper – termo variant S1GT

Technical data

Half-pipe tipping bodies have a conus shape for better dumping of the material from the space of the tipping body.




Tipper loading volume


12 m3 – 30 m3 / according to customer requirements /




Support frame


It is constructed individually for each specific chassis according to the chassis manufacturer‘s recommendation and advice. Main beams of the support frame are U-shaped with cross bracing. Longitudinal beams are joined with a pipe for gripping bearings of the body and two U-shaped beams for gripping of a hydraulic roll. The frame is manufactured from the material DOMEX.






Complete hydraulic system from the company HYVA / PENTA



Used materials








PENDEL – is suspended on pins, it is opened by its own weight while tipping. The tailgate is secured and unsecured by mechanic draw bars.



Accessories of the tipping body


  • spare wheel holder on front face – mechanical, rope,
  • Tool box built into right side body guard,
  • body stabilizer – stability at tipping,
  • rear mudguards over two axes, aprons (tie release),
  • rear trim strip for finisher – fixed design,
  • positional vehicle lighting,
  • side barriers,
  • protection of rear group lights,
  • reflective tipping body marking according to regulation EHK no. 104,
  • end tipping switch + safety rope,
  • rubber stops – replaceable,
  • preparation for tarpaulin system,
  • bucket holder, body stabilizer,
  • tipping body support,
  • signalling of tipping the body,
  • varnishing in requested colour shade,
  • fitting of the tipping body on to the chassis in the VS-mont factory,
  • COC – EC  certificate of conformity


Hydraulically lifted tailgate

Tool box

rear tiltable and adjustable bumper

aluminium mudguards

Folding ladder

  • hydraulic spare wheel holder,
  • PTO standard ZF 1:1.
  • change of material thickness,
  • tailboard opened by means of chain mechanism,


The catalog

The catalog contains a summary of the S1G / S1H unilateral superstructures.

Instruction manual

S1 folding platform operating instructions. Short instruction for driver.