VSNS45T – special tipping semi-trailer with sliding axles and one-way tipping body in S1G half-pipe design

Technical data

Total load


34 000 kg 44 500 kg




Payload on axles


3 x 8 000 kg 3 × 9000 kg




King pin – load


10 500 kg 17 500 kg



King pin


JOST – 2





SAF – 3 x 9000 kg – disc brake


1, 2, 3 – type: SBS 2243-10 version BI9-22S, SBS 2243-10 version BI9-22S, SBS 2243-10 version BIL9-22S

1st axle – Lift axle – ABS – 20/24″

2nd axle – Fix axle – 20/24″

3rd axle – self-swivelling – ABS – 20″






Air suspension type SAF IO49/3505_31

Air bag – SAF 2923V/350






6 units – Steel disc + Dunlop SP282




Electric system


complete electric installation 24 V + auxiliary handling lighting (white)




Brake system


WABCO EBS-E, 4S/3M including RSS (Roll Stalitity Support), Control Box, Manometer




Turnplate height


1 300 mm






special frame design construction enabling slide of axles forward and rearward.

Reinforced steel construction of cross-beams, narrowed at front with torsional cross-members of material DOMEX, cross-beams are strength rated for increased load. Hydraulic sliding mechanism of axle’s attachment is operated from driver’s cabin. Sliding plates of PVC material are placed at top of cross-beams and on side guide parts.




Support legs


2x support legs JOST B101 support module 900/560, base – module „S“




One-way tipping body in half-pipe design VSPN / S1G – with narrowed width at front


Loading volume: 24 m3

Tipping body is half-pipe designed and it is special conus shaped longitudinally (it is more narrow in the front part as in the rear part). This shape design enables smooth dumping of material out of the tipping body.




Internal tipper dimensions


(L) Length: 7950 mm

(W) Width: 2200 mm / 2300 mm

(H) Height: 1 500 mm






Hydraulic cylinder: HYVA – GEORG, type: F18558KA1, 3 – way pneumatic distributor




Used material


Floor: HARDOX 450, Thickness: 10mm

Sidewalls: HARDOX 450, Thickness: 8mm

Tailgate: HARDOX 450, Thickness: 8mm


Sidewalls: Sidewalls without possibility to open /rigid welded to front face/






HYDRAULIC – tailgate opened hydraulically with mechanic lock, operated from driver’s cabin, tailgate lock in position ajar with chains (for smooth material dumping).

Removable profile at upper part of tailgate.






Frame and all steel parts are jetted with a steel granulate before painting, varnished with a priming anticorrosive colour and upper 2-component acrylate paint. Colour shade depends on customer’s choice.


Colour shade





Semi-trailer and tipping body accessories


  • rear tiltable bumper of steel, side (double) underrun protections of aluminium
  • holders for fitting wedges + 2x chocks, plastic mudguards with mudflaps
  • rubber stops – replaceable,
  • positional semi-trailer lighting, protection on rear group lights + covers for asphalt (heat resistant)
  • reflective tipping body marking accroding to regulation EHK no. 104,
  • front walk bridge in front of tipping body




Optional equipment / Accessories for extra charge


  • 6 x 11.75×22,5/10×335/281/ET120 Alcoa 819521DB Dura Bright
  • elektric vibrator on tipping body MVCC 3/1500 FC





  • disc brakes – material thickness changes
  • changes to the tipper design
  • side tarpaulin cover system
  • front tarpaulin cover system
  • infocentre – SMARTBOARD (odometer, electronic load measurement)


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