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New concept of light body of a mixer: Stetter Ultra Eco

 Since the beginning of 2014 Europe has emission standard EURO 6 for trucks and busses. In order to meet the tightened limit values of the new emission standard for nitric oxides and soot particles, additional components in the exhaust cleaning system of the vehicles are required beside additional modifications. This results in an increase of the vehicle’s weight by up to 300 kg. Higher vehicle weight means less payload. And less payload means less turnover for your fleet.

In order not to lose turnover for more environmental protection, our engineers have developed a completely new weight-optimized truck mixer body: UltraEco. Transport of 8 m³ concrete is possible with the UltraEco truck mixer body in combination with an also weight-optimized EURO6 8×4 vehicle. Thus only emissions are reduced, not the sales volume.

Ultra Eco

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