Semi-trailer VSAT02


Total load:
39 000 kg


Payload: 27 300 kg

Dead weight: 11 700 kg


Technical data

zatazenieTotal load: 39 000 kg  
zatazeniePayload: 27 300 kg  
pohotovostna-hmotnostDead weight: 11 700 kg  
dlzkaBasic length: 13 600 mm  
dlzkaLength after extension: 16 600 mm 4 x 500mm – middle part, 1 x 1000 mm – rear ramp
ramLength after extension: SAF axles with drum brake 420x180mm, self-adjusting brake levers HALDEX, automatic parking brake with spring cylinders1st axle – Lift axle, 2nd and 3rd axle – Fix axle, self-swiveling
pruzenieSuspension: Air suspension, semi-trailer lowering and lifting
pneumatikyTyres: 235/75 R17,5“ with steel discs
  • steel construction of ladder type,
  • double row ball tumplate KLKHE,
  • adjustable support leg,
  • service and emergency air pressure brake equipped with WABCO/HALDEXautomatic load controller,
  • EBS+2S/2M WABCO/HALDEX including RSS (Roll Stalitity Support), hand brake,
  • electrical installation with ASPÖCK screwless joints, according to DIN standarts,
  • 5-compartments rear combined lights, side positional lighting,
  • hydraulic winch (towing force 6 t).
prislusenstvo-v-ceneAccessories calculated in the price of the trailer:
  • spare wheel holder + spare wheel,
  • plastic toolbox,
  • holders for fitting wedges + 2 pieces: chocks,
  • reflective tipping body marking according to regulation EHK no.104,
  • spare bulbs set, wheel spanner,
  • instructions for use in english language.
prislusenstvo-za-priplatokOptional equipment / Accessories for extra charge:
  • infocenter-SMARTBOARD (counter of driven kilometers, electronic load measuring),
  • the semi-trailer extended version (width = 3000 mm),
  • rear loading ramps (height adjustable by means of hydraulics),
  • PowerPack It is an electro-hydraulic aggregate that enables to manipulate the hydrauliccomponents of the semi-trailer (winch, loading extending ramps (without being connected to thehydraulics of the towing vehicle. The towing vehicle does not need any hydraulic drive for thesemi-trailer, an electric socket of 24V is sufficient.



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