Hydraulic exchange system VS-MONT

Hydraulic exchange system  VS-MONT – VSVSN on the chassis  SCANIA 

Exchange system enables the exchange of various types of swap bodies (container, tipping body, platform body, hook stringer, cistern tanks, gritting body, sprinkler body etc.) on the truck chassis in the time period from cca 5 up to 10 minutes. Mechanism of swap bodies lifting and mechanism of swap bodies securing is provided by means of hydraulic pistons in horizontal and vertical direction

Vehicle : Scania G450 B 10×4*6NA

Swap bodies:

  • Concrete mixer Stetter AM 12 C3 BASIC LINE, loading volume: 12 m3
  • One-sided tipping body – half-pipe  VSVN S1G, loading volume: 20 m3


Conference CONCRETE 2019 at Strbske pleso 03.10.2019

Opening of Scania Service in  Budča