Set S2 + tandem trailer with tipping body S2

For the Czech republic were produced two identical sets on 8×4 Scania chassis. The very robust sets consist of S2 tipper bodies and two-axle tandem tipping trailers with two-way tipper body S2. The concept of these vehicles is optimized for maximum payload and according to customer requirements


Specification of set:

Tipper bodies S2, which are on the chassis of cars and trailers, are made of high-strength abrasion-resistant steel HB500 Tuf. The floor is fully welded with reinforced longitudinals, crossbars, ropes and rope holders. Right sidewall is fix welded. The left hydraulic sidewall on the tipper body has reinforced ribs above each hydraulic piston in a heavy design. On trailers, the left side is hydraulic in the basic version. Tailgate is suspended on pins, it is opened by its own weight while tipping in the bombed design. The rear discharge is approx. 100 mm long with regulation of the discharge of the tailgate using a chain. The loading volume of the tipper body on the chassis is 15 m3 and on the PANAV trailer 12 m3.


The sets are suitable for all bulk materials and heavy bulk materials, such as rock and concrete rubble.