Thermo tipper bodies for EUROVIA

The company VS-mont has been cooperating with the leading construction company EUROVIA for several years, which buys mainly heat-insulated tipper bodies S2T, S3T and S1GT.
Thermo tippers are useful for construction companies, as they enable the transport and storage of heat-sensitive materials, such as asphalt, concrete or other building materials, in optimal temperature conditions. These tippers have special insulated spaces that maintain the temperature and protect the materials from negative environmental influences, such as high or low temperature, humidity and other adverse conditions.


Short specification:

Heat-insulated two-way tipper body is mounted on chassis MAN TGS 6×6 with loading volume 11 m3.

  • Dimensions of the body: 5 050 x 2 370 x 900,
  • Material used on the tipper body: HB 450, Strenx S700 MC,
  • Sidewalls: The right side is fixed without the possibility of opening, and the left side is opened hydraulically. There are 4 analog temperature gauges in the panels of sidewalls, which are used to monitor and display the temperature inside the cargo area.
  • tailgate: The PENDEL tailgate with internal storage and locking in the rear chute lath profile is removable. In the tailgate there is also a special discharge window, which is insulated.
  • other accessories: body tarpaulin to the side, zaplachtovanie nadstavby na stranu, rotating version of the rear lights with locking,steps for entering to tipper from the inside, ladder, prolonged shield, predĺžený štít ku kabíne, rear folding-tilt-retractable bumper, sound signaling of folding.