Three-way tipper bodies S3 VS-mont

Three-way tipper bodies VS-mont have proven themselves in daily use. The load is properly secured by means of the versatile lashing possibilities. They are strong and sturdy with a long service life due to the use of high-strength and the latest production processes. The frame construction is extremely stable and well protected against corrosion.

The mentioned type of ipper body is placed on 4-axle scania chassis. The material on tipper bodies were used with sheet steel Hardox 450 and Hardox 500TUF. On the front wall was used Strenx S700MC. The right side of sidewall is in PENDEL design and the left side of sidewall is hydraulically controlled. Tailgate is in PENDEL design with detent in profile.Zadné čelo je v prevedení PENDEL s aretáciou v profile. The loading volume of tipper body is 15 m3.

Tipper bodies are suitable for normal and heavy bulk materials such as rocks and concrete rubble.