Tipper body S1G with the montage of weighing system

Tipper body S1G


The Iveco T-way 8×8 dump truck belongs to the heavy category and is mainly used in quarries and mining sites. It is fitted with a 17 cubic meter of tipper body S1G from Hardox 450 – highly resistant to wear and tear. Floor, sidewalls and front wall are in thickness 18/8/8 mm. Tailgate is in thickness 8 mm and it is with an overlap of 10 mm to 2/3 of the height and opened by a rope mechanism. The lenght of the mentioned tipper body is 5,8 m.

Innovations on the tipper body include an on-board weighing system and a new camera system for the cargo area.


Weighing system


The weighing system on the truck has a very important role in ensuring safety and verifying the correct weight of transported goods. His role is to measure the weight of the load and ensure that the maximum allowed is respected and that an unsafe means of transport is avoided. Vehicles and roads are therefore subject to less wear and tear, fuel costs are saved and CO2 amissions are reduced.

On tipper body is mounted five-sensor onboard weighing system LANX HD MDO. The control unit of the LANX 2.0 system is installed directly in the cabin and displays the weight loaded on the tipper body in real time. Values are shown net and gross or partial. LANX 2.0 uses a number of pressure sensors located on the rear storage of the tipper body, the hydraulic system of the vehicle and displays all data on the display. In addition, the weight data can be printed using a mini printer.

The accuracy is +/- 0,5% with full loaded vehicle. To weight is neccessary lift up the lifting cylinder 10 – 15 cm so the tipper box do not touch the frame.


Camera system


A special camera system is installed on the vehicle for the sake of work safety and control of the rear part and cargo on the body. The cargo compartment camera provides an overview of the cargo in the body. This reduces the risk of accidents for the driver, as the camera can be used to conveniently monitor the loading process from the cab, and the risk of injury to people behind the vehicle and not visible in the rearview mirror can be minimized.


Tipper body S1G:

Weighing system: