General Warranty Conditions for countries EU

1. The VS-MONT company Limited at Lazy pod Makytou gives a 24- month warranty on its products from the date of the product dispatch to the customer. If the customer discovers a defect deemed to be covered by the warranty, he must notify the producer (VS-MONT) and the producer will decide whether it is a case under warranty. Appeal to defects has to be done in writing within a fortnight before expiration of the warranty period. Exceeding this period will lapse VS-MONT‘s liability for related products.

2. The company, VS-mont spol. s r.o., will accept possible claims during the period of 24 months guarantee only if all conditions listed in the Letter of Guarantee (filled in completely and sent to VS-mont, s.r.o. address up to 30 days) were performed and the prescribed service works were performed on schedule – obligatory service revisions listed in the Service booklet (which is always a part of the delivery). As evidence of their performance, the Service Booklet is valid and should be completed by the service engineer of VS-mont spol. s r.o. or by the engineer of a given service representative.

3. The defects to be demonstrated and proved by the buyer will be repaired or replaced by VS-MONT, free of all obligation, after admission of warranty liability. Faulty products or parts shall be kept available for inspection by VS-MONT, or when ordered by VS-MONT for third parties, or shall be sent free of charge to VS-MONT.

4. Replacement of faulty parts will exclusively take place after receipt of the faulty parts. The replaced part will become the property of VS-MONT. Dispatch of old as well as new parts, as well as packing costs, will be charged to the buyer. Costs for mounting or assembly, travelling costs and lodging expenses as well as the materials necessary for assembly, including oil and gaskets, will also be at the buyers expense.

5. Products (or parts thereof) delivered by VS-MONT and produced by third parties, which have become faulty will only fall under the warranty of the producer of these products on the terms and during the period determined by the producer of the respective products and this also stands for the warranty of these products in connection with the buyer.

6. Defects or damages caused by unforeseen external forces do not fall under the VS-MONT warranty.

7. The buyer has an obligation to keep the products in a good state of upkeep. Unprofessional treatment or insufficient maintenance in the widest sense will release VS-MONT completely of any obligations in connection with the guarantee. In the event of the buyer himself carrying out any repairs or applying any alterations or having these carried out or applied to the delivered products, this VS-MONT guarantee will lapse.

8. The guarantee will lapse also whenever the faults have been caused by injudicious use, or whenever the maintenance has not been carried out according to the instructions and stickers provided, whenever seals of valves and valve connection have been broken, whenever other oils, greases, pressures or currents have been used without approval by VS-MONT, whenever the cause of the fault(s) cannot be determined and whenever these have another origin than faulty materials or the activities carried out by VS-MONT. Finally an appeal to any guarantee will lapse if the buyer does not meet by any of his obligations.

9. The costs for a possible consignment, import duties and other related costs will be at the expense of the customer. The VS-MONT company will not bear the costs incurred by the downtime of the vehicle to be repaired.

Valid from: 01.01.2012

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