Driving set with S3 VS-mont tipper bodies

Another beautiful set made for a Slovak customer. These are three-way tipper bodies S3 in metallic, on a Volvo FMX 6×6 chassis and on a 2-axle tandem tipping trailer PANAV. The concept of this vehicle is optimized for maximum useful payload and according to customer requirements.
Specification of set:


Three-way tipper bodies S3 are made from high-strength abrasion-resistant steel HB450. Right sidewall is PENDEL and it is secured mechanically. The left sidewall is opened hydraulically. Tailgate is suspended on pins, it is opened by its own weight while tipping, there is arretation in profile the rear chute lath. Body tarpaulin is electric CRAMARO GALOPINO and it is mounted to the front wall of tipper body. The loading volume of tipper body is 12 m3.

The set is suitable for all bulk materials and heavy bulk materials such as rock and concrete rubble.

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