Exchangeable tipper bodies for municipal services

In municipal services, three-way tippers are valuable vehicles that enable efficient and flexible management and handling of various materials required for public services and maintenance of a city or municipality. They are used e. g. during waste collection and removal, construction and maintenance of roads, repair and maintenance of public spaces, winter maintenance of roads, etc. in municipal services and other areas of the public sector.
These selected tipper bodies will serve in areas of the public sector in the Czech Republic.

Specification of the S3 tipper body on the Volvo FMX 6×6 chassis:

  • exchangeable tipper body – the body is equipped with an exchange system for quick assembly and disassembly;
  • dimensions of the body: 5 200 mm x 2 370 mm x 900 mm;
  • loading volume: 11 m3;
  • material: hardox HB 450, Strenx S700 MC;
  • sidewalls: PENDEL;
  • tailgate: PENDEL;
  • front wall: raised with protective shield;
  • other accessories: preparation for tarpaulin, rear retractable bumper, stand-off legs with lever

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