Installation of the HYVA hydraulic crane behind the cabin.

In the field of hydraulic arm assembly, our company specializes primarily in products from the brands FASSI and PALFINGER, but we are also open to other possibilities. Our trained employees are capable of assembling hydraulic arms from other reputable brands as well, such as in the recent project involving a HYVA hydraulic arm. Additionally, a three-way tipper body S3 VS-mont was manufactured for the Renault chassis.

Specification of tipper body:
  • dimensions of the body: 5 250 x 2 420 x 800 mm
  • loading volume: 10,5 m3
  • sidewalls: from material Strenx S700 MC, left side is hydraulic, right side is PENDEL/PALETA
  • tailgate: On both upper and lower joints, PENDEL/PALETA with pneumatic disengagement, secured with chain locking, and two rear detachable pillars are used.
  • Other accessories include: spare wheel, aluminum rear fenders, body tarpaulin to the front face, rear tilt-retractable bumper, plastic boxes, pressure plates (protective buffers for the finisher),lashing eyes, and a flashing warning beacon.
If you’re seeking reliable experts for hydraulic arm assembly, we’re here for you. Contact us and learn more about our services and offerings.

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