Tandem tipping trailer with tipper body S2 in HEAVY design

For a Czech company that already has a few of our VS-mont superstructures in its fleet, this time we produced a special tandem trailer with a two-way tipper body in HEAVY design. This robust trailer is ready to handle even the most demanding conditions!
Specification of tipper body S2 VS-mont on tandem two-axles trailer PANAV:


  • made from high-strength abrasion-resistant steel HB 500 TUF;
  • reinforced lengthwises and crossbars for higher resistance
  • reinforced part between rear pillars and behind the pillars;
  • reinforced ropes for greater stability
  • on the left hydraulic sidewall there are reinforced ribs above each piston
  • double-acting hydraulic tailgate with arretation with chain
  • rear chute lath cca. 100 mm long with regulation of the tailgate dump by a chain

This tipper body is ideal for everyone who needs a reliable and durable solution for extreme conditions.

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