Prototype hydrogen truck car with VS-mont tipper body

Innovations go forward and we will not stop the development.
We are not lagging behind in this regard either. We are excited to be a part of this amazing project and to be able to participate in the production of the prototype of the first Tatra with a zero-emission drive that contributes to sustainability. We are thus the first body builder in the field of hydrogen mobility.
The prototype of the TATRA FORCE e-DRIVE truck on the 4N chassis is designed for use in the mining industry, and various technologies will be tested on it in the most demanding operating conditions.
Specification of two-way tipper body VS-mont


  • dimensions of the body: 5 400 mm x 2 370 mm x 1 100 mm;
  • loading volume: 14,6 m3;
  • material: hardox HB 500 TUF, hardox HB 450, Strenx S700 MC;
  • sidewalls: left side is hydraulic, right side is fix welded;
  • tailgate: PENDEL – locked and unlocked mechanically;
  • body tarpaulin to the side.


This tipper body is not only an innovation, but also a symbol of our commitment to support clean mobility and an emission-free future.