Three-way tipper body with montage of hydraulic crane HIAB

In general, three-way tipper bodies are an efficient and versatile tool for handling different types of materials in different industries. In this case, when the tipper body has both sides hydraulic, it can open them to different positions, both for dumping loose material from the tipper of the vehicle, and for loading pallet material by tilting down.
Specification of S3 VS-mont tipper body, which is mounted on Iveco T-WAY 8×8 chassis:


  • dimensions of the body: 6 250 mm x 2 420 mm x 700 mm
  • loading volume: 10,5 m3;
  • material used on the tipper body: hardox HB 450 on the floor, Strenx S700 MC on the front wall, tailgate and sidewalls,
  • sidewalls: left and right sidewalls are hydraulic;
  • tailgate: PENDEL/PALETA – with pneumatic unsecuring of the tailgate from driver´s cab, with rear removable pillars and locking in the rear chute lath profile,
  • front mounting of hydraulic crane HIAB 408;
  • other accessories: reserve on the front wall from the inside, handles on the front wall, rear aluminum mudguards, plastic boxes, fixing eyes in the floor, flashing warning beacon, additional rear supports.


With these features, the three-way tipper can provide high flexibility and adaptability for different purposes depending on specific needs and tasks.