Hydraulic exchange system – swap bodies carrier VS VSN

Technical data

Description of swap bodies carrier


Exchange system offered by the company VS-mont, enables the exchange of various types of swap bodies (container, tipping body, platform body, hook stringer, cistern tanks, gritting body, sprinkler body etc.) on the truck chassis in the time period from cca 5 up to 10 minutes. Mechanism of swap bodies lifting and mechanism of swap bodies securing is provided by means of hydraulic pistons in horizontal and vertical direction.




Bodies’ connection


by means of couplers : hydraulic / air system, wiring.






complete HYVA hydraulics for exchange system and for drive of swap bodies.



Advantages of swap bodies carrier


  • the system is designed to increase the building height only + 6 mm
    on the chassis frame
  • fast exchange of bodies cca 5 – 10 min (1 person)
  • possibility of using more types of bodies on
    one truck
  • Possibility of mounting on the already chassis (if
    technically possible, adjust the original
    chassis superstructure to the replacement system)



Accessories of the tipping body


  • plastic toolbox,
  • rear mudguards + mudflaps, (over 2 axes, zinc),
  • lateral anti-underrun AL guards,
  • positional vehicle lighting,
  • wedge holders, shovel holders,
  • protection of rear group lights,
  • 4 units parking/storage legs for each body for VSVSN,
  • fitting of the swap bodies carrier on to the chassis in the VS-mont factory,
  • registration on the technical license.


  • adjustement of the original body (another producer)delivered from the customer,
  • cardan coupler for mixer – 330.10,
  • rear fixed bumper (barrier),
  • rear tiltable and adjustable bumper (barrier) (for finisher),
  • spare wheel holder behind the cab – mechanic,


The catalog

The datasheet contains a summary of the S1G / S1H unilateral superstructure information.